Monday, 28 May 2012

new hair regimen - June 2012

i have so many different products that i sometimes forget what i put in my hair.
you won't beleive i don't remember all the thinks i put in my spritz bottle. of course there's water and that's about it. not sure which conditioner or what oils are in the bottle.

i've told myself that until i finish using all, i mean all the products in my wardrobe, ain't buying new stuff.

ehm..... i'm getting there.

also learning what products, oils and creams my hair prefers.

olive oil      - makes my hair shine but leaves it  greasy
castor oil    - super greasy. you'll even see droplets of oil on the tips even after 24hours.
amla  oil     - not moisturizing.  but still have a lot and will continue to use it.
argan oil    - same as amla oil
almond oil   - finished. thank goodness
coconut oil  - my hair hates it as a leave-in. turns it into dry hay. could even be combustible. not bold enough to find out.
8 wonder oil - not sure it did anything for my hair.
jojoba oil     - aaahhhh! kaching!! perfect for my hair. moisturizing, silkening, simply lovely. will stick to it.
sheabutter    - not sure, still using it though. now i use the LOC method, it no longer leaves my hair as dry as it used to at the end of the day. will continue to use it till i run out of it. then try other butters.
black soap   - this makes my hair soft. since i've been cowashing for a while, i use black soap only once in a while. thinking i'll use it weekly for a while and see how it goes. will cowash during the week if need be. deep conditioning or steaming will now have to be a must on a weekly basis.
Huetiful hair steamer  - a great investment. hair is silky soft after only 15min under it.
aloe gel       - not bad
Herbal Gro formula - just got it, no review yet

so what i plan to do for next month is
wash day (weekly)
1. prepoo with honey+coconut oil for at least 1 hour
2. wash hair with black soap
3. apply conditioner and either steam suing huetiful hair steamer or cover with a plastic cap and use a hooded dryer
4. rinse off with cool water
5. apply jojoba oil to seal in moisture, followed by shea butter
6. apply leave-in conditioner
7. apply the Glover's herbal gro formula
8. style hair as desired.

Between washes
1. as needed, re-moisturize hair
     a) LOC method
          i) dampen with contents of spritz bottle
          ii) apply jojoba oil
          iii) seal further with shea butter
2. as needed restyle hair
      a) use shea butter or  aloe gel or whatever gel i fancy from the wardrobe.
3. Cowash if a product has left hair very dry

and that's it. discovering that keeping things simple when it comes to regimen helps a lot. my hair seems to prefer simple no fuzz procedures.

after a month of sticking to this regimen i'll do a comparison and get back to you with the results.

till later,

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