Monday, 14 May 2012

LOC method for moisturizing type 4 hair

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Been quite busy, and weekends have not been any better.
Will try make up for it with a nice long interesting post.  I got a colleague at work to help take some pictures of my hair, from different angles.  The first thing she asked me was, do I feel I’m look so fantastic that I want to take pix? Told her that wasn’t the case,  that the pix were for my natural hair blog. That impressed her, and she snapped away. She liked my phone, spent a couple of minutes admiring it before she took the pix though. Then, she told me my hair needed combing. Cheekily told her I don’t use a comb on my hair, use a pick or my fingers. Ehm, the rough look is what I was going for. That shut her up and she concentrated on being a photographer, all be it for 5mins. Oh oh, the positive thing from this encounter is she talked about her own hair. She’s got some sort of perm with coloring going, and she said, not exaggerating that she might consider going natural. I did show her how thick my new growth is compared to the thankfully getting shorter brown texturized upper portion of my mane.  (ehm….the mane would roar like baby Simba being a twa, a mane all the same J J)
Enough chit chatting, lets talk about my hair and what its been up to since the last post.

Just last week,I joined curly nikki chat forum. I’d been a regular reader of the Curly Nikki blog but never really got round to joining the community. I saw something I wanted to contribute to and so had to register and join the forum. That was how that happened.
Any way there was a thread on how to moisturize effectively type 4 hair. That caught my attention.
I have type 4 hair. Don’t know if it’s a, b or c. but definitely a type 4.
I  moisturize everyday, using water, and sealing with oil or butter. Usually at night before bed time. I would also flat twist it. (In another post I’ll discuss the different protective styling methods I use).  But no matter what, by the next evening, my hair is crispy dry and have to wet and seal again. Just felt I wasn’t doing something right, so the thread piqued my interest.

I heard about the LOC method for the first time. At first I dismissed it, thinking, not another acronym again! But when I read, the type 4 hair remains moisturized for days after when the LOC method is done, it held my undivided attention. Is this what I’ve been missing?
I googled LOC method, and there was so much info on it.

A method of moisturizing that basically locks the moisture in with oil and cream.
L – Liquid
O – Oil
C – Cream or butter.

I was excited on Friday, my usual wash day, when I decided I would give the method a test run. I used the following  things. (Though I believe you could use products that suit your hair, but it’s using them in the LOC order that matters).
Liquid -  water
Oil – Olive Oil
Cream – unrefined shea butter

I did a pre-poo using coconut oil and African organics olive oil conditioner.  Used clingfilm to wrap the hair and put a plastic cap over it. Went about my chores for the evening, preparing dinner, sorting things out around the house. After a few hours, (didn’t really look at the clock to know how long exactly the hair was in clingfilm. Not more than 3 hours though) I washed with Aussi Miracle Moist conditioner.
Blotted the excess water with an old t-shirt and then used olive oil all over the hair lightly, followed by shea butter. Quite light coating actually.
I then worked in sections to flat twist. With each section I used the LOC method. Spraying on water when the hair got dry.
That was it.
By morning, I undid the flat twists and styled. It was okay. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos the next day. it was Saturday, and believe me, the whole weekend was hectic.
Today is Monday, and I haven’t put anything in my hair since Friday, and my hair isn’t dry or brittle as yet. I’m talking 3 days, without having to spray water, rub oil on my hair.

Still early days to conclude LOC method is the best thing that happened to type 4 hair. My hair was under wrap all of yesterday. maybe that’s why it’s still moisturized? Dunno, but will definitely do a follow up post on this by end of this week to let you know how the LOC method  went.

i"ll upload the photos i took this afternoon of my hair, day 4 after using LOC and leave you to judge the results.

stay tuned.....

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