Monday, 28 May 2012

honey and coconut oil pre-poo treatment - Part 1

hello there, thanks for reading this.
a couple of weeks ago i wanted to do something different while washing my hair. was in somewhat of a rut. so, checked online and saw honey for hair. kaching!!!! i knew what new thing i was going to try out that day. honey for my hair as a pre-poo treatment.

i'd been using coconut oil regularly as prepoo, so thot why not add honey, this a i did.

i finger detangled my hair, which by the way is growing. will take some pix soon and post. i never use a brush on my hair. at least for now. maybe later on, i'll be confident enough to use one to detangle.
sectioned my hair into 4 parts. working in sections, applied the coconut oil + honey mixture which i had thoroughly mixed and was a smooth consistency. loosely braided each section when i was done.

i then used clingfilm to wrap my head and went about my normal house chores.
i've been a bit lazy of late i  guess. i didn't go under the dryer or anything. after about an hour or so, i washed off the treatment with conditioner.

i then sealed the moisture with oil and sheabutter and styled.

frankly speaking, i didn't see anything fantastic about my hair after this wash day. it was just normal looking.

i'll continue this post in Part 2

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