Sunday, 15 April 2012

TRESemme and Aussie hair products - Wash day

yesterday was wash day.
had run out of the garnier conditioner i was using and thought, oh well an opportunity to try new products.
oh by the way i use the no-shampoo method. been on it for about 2 months now. use only conditioner to wash my hair. i introduced pre-pooing with coconut oil last week.

i pre-pooed with coconut oil. working in sections, and loosely plaiting as i did each section. i had 5 sections in total.
there wasn't time to leave in the pre-poo treatment for long, so i wrapped my hair in clingfilm and stayed under the cap dryer for 30mins.
noticed my hair wasn't as soft and silky as it was last week when the coconut oil stayed for much longer.  note to self....pre-poo should stay much longer in future.

used the Aussie miracle moist conditioner to wash my hair, using warm water.

then used  TRESemme conditioner (with no silicones) to deep condition. back under the cap dryer for 30mins and rinsed out ith cooler water than i used to wash.


oiled scalp with a mix of jojoba, castor and argan oils. used raw shea butter to seal in moisture on the hair and flat twisted into 12 parts. sectioned hair into 4 major parts, then flat twisted each part into 3 lines,
went to bed. ehm, sorry, did not use a satin bonnet, or satin pillow case.

in the morning, oiled the lines between the flat twists with castor oil. lightly oiled the hair after undoing the twists with jojoba oil. fluffed out,  and i was done.

here's the result. bear in mind this after a whole day of wearing my hair and napping....

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

coconut oil pre-poo treatment on type 4 transitioning hair

been busy of late and not bee able to post.
so sorry.
well, hope to fix that.
last weekend, decided to finally try using coconut oil to prepoo.
I'd bought some extra virgin coconut oil from Vanity oils (vanity originally bought to use as a face moisturiser but reckoned it'll take like a decade before i use it up. and who knows, it might expire before i use it up.
i had tried using it on my hair for styling but left it very dry scrunchy  and made me hate my hair. the first time i used it, by evening, i had to wash my hair again. worried i would start a bush fire or something. that was last year though.

did a search on line for best way to use coconut oil on natural hair, and voila!!, pre-poo was the answer for my kind of hair.
i'm a kinky 4A hair. at least i think so. see so many different classifications i get confused sometimes. i'm a 4A or 4C depending on the website i'm reading. whatever the case, i'm a type 4.

back to what i was saying, coconut oil prepoo.

on wash day, i detangled my hair in sections using a wide tooth comb. working in sections, i applied the coconut oil and loosely braided. since i'm transitioning, i have different textures on my head. my last relaxer (a texturizer left my hair nearly straight and very thin. but the new growth is full and thick. when i stand in the path of a light source, you can see a dense bottom with a halo of wispy strands all around.
as a result of the different textures, braids are thick at the bootom and end with thin ends.

made 4 braids. with hair saturated with enough coconut oil, but not to the point of dripping over my face, i wrapped it up in clingfilm, and put a plastic cap over it. stayed for 30 mins like that and when under a cap dryer, on low hit setting for another 30 mins.

i'd read some leave it on overnight or for hours. well, didn't see myself able to do that, so sped things up a bit with the heat.

i co-wash. used garnier this past weekend. and used olive oil conditioner fromOrganics for deep conditioning. back in the cap dryer for 30mins and washed off.

at the end of the process, oh my, oh my, my hair was sooooo soft and silky. my hair has never been this silky. i couldn't take my hands off it.

know something, the coconut oil is no longer for my face, it's now for my hair. talk about versatility.

didn't even need to put a leave-in conditioner. used oil on my scalp and used raw shea butter to style my hair and i was set to go.

i'll definitely recommend coconut oil for type 4 hair as a pre wash treatment.

will i use it again? bet!!