Thursday, 22 March 2012

yarn locs March 2012

finally got round to posting a picture of my yarn locs. it was taken on 15 march 2012
will probably take them off next week if i feel up to it.
a'ight folks, will keep you posted.

Natural hair loves water

i was used to always hiding my hair from water, rain, shower, etc.
well, with relaxed hair, weaves (human or synthetic), braids and twists with extension, one gets seriously itchy scalp if wet.
had always used shower caps during shower and bath time. you can never protect your style enuf  ....LOL
sure, I'd read, natural hair loves water,water is not an enemy, stuff like that.

the message only hit home a few days ago. Cha-Ching!!!!

why do i have to wear a shower cap in the bath?, i really don't need to. my hair will benefit from the steam, water droplets in the shower. so, wait for it...... i stopped wearing a cap while in the shower.

freedom!!!, my hair loves it.
been asking myself, what was the purpose of wearing a cap all this while?........

do you wear a shower cap while taking a bath?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Missing my hair

i've had yarn locs for only 2 weeks, well plus 2 days, and you are not going to believe this. i miss my hair.
would probably take the locs off next weekend. so it'll be a 4 weeks style.
had though i'd carry the style for 2 months, but eh!!!!! not sure i can do it.

will post some pix of the locs before i take them off.

can't wait to see if my hair's grown a bit.

a'ight, l8r!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Naturals in the City 2 - Lagos meet up 10 March, 2012

i couldn't make the event this past weekend, 10th March,  but it was well attended. check out the picx from O'Naturals blogsite

Protective styling - Yarn locs

decided to give my hair some rest.......and me i guess, and put it in protective styling.
had yarn locs done last week. everyone says they are lovely. dunno. cos of my low density and fine textured hair, the locs are quite spacey. i understand, with time, as new hair strands grow out, it'll look denser. frankly, can't wait.

still rocking my new look all the same. pack it indifferent styles everyday.
got a huetiful steamer and steamed, yarn and all, this past weekend.

my hair regimen is still intact. wash, steam weekly. moisturise every night before bed. in the morning, i spritz it with a concoction. my spray bottle has so many things in it, don't even remember it all. some oils, aloe-vera gel, moisturiser, rose water, and some other things not too sure right now.  usually, i don't make large spritz mixtures, so it can be updated as the need arises.

got aloe-vera juice and can't wait for the current spritz mixture to finish so i can use the aloe juice.

hoping to keep the yarn locs for at least 2 months. fingers crossed.

in my next post I'll talk about the experiments at home made products I've been doing.
ehm...... all in search of the most effective and affordable home made skin care products.

till then, .....

keep it natural.