Thursday, 22 March 2012

Natural hair loves water

i was used to always hiding my hair from water, rain, shower, etc.
well, with relaxed hair, weaves (human or synthetic), braids and twists with extension, one gets seriously itchy scalp if wet.
had always used shower caps during shower and bath time. you can never protect your style enuf  ....LOL
sure, I'd read, natural hair loves water,water is not an enemy, stuff like that.

the message only hit home a few days ago. Cha-Ching!!!!

why do i have to wear a shower cap in the bath?, i really don't need to. my hair will benefit from the steam, water droplets in the shower. so, wait for it...... i stopped wearing a cap while in the shower.

freedom!!!, my hair loves it.
been asking myself, what was the purpose of wearing a cap all this while?........

do you wear a shower cap while taking a bath?

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