Monday, 12 March 2012

Protective styling - Yarn locs

decided to give my hair some rest.......and me i guess, and put it in protective styling.
had yarn locs done last week. everyone says they are lovely. dunno. cos of my low density and fine textured hair, the locs are quite spacey. i understand, with time, as new hair strands grow out, it'll look denser. frankly, can't wait.

still rocking my new look all the same. pack it indifferent styles everyday.
got a huetiful steamer and steamed, yarn and all, this past weekend.

my hair regimen is still intact. wash, steam weekly. moisturise every night before bed. in the morning, i spritz it with a concoction. my spray bottle has so many things in it, don't even remember it all. some oils, aloe-vera gel, moisturiser, rose water, and some other things not too sure right now.  usually, i don't make large spritz mixtures, so it can be updated as the need arises.

got aloe-vera juice and can't wait for the current spritz mixture to finish so i can use the aloe juice.

hoping to keep the yarn locs for at least 2 months. fingers crossed.

in my next post I'll talk about the experiments at home made products I've been doing.
ehm...... all in search of the most effective and affordable home made skin care products.

till then, .....

keep it natural.

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