Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Raw honey as face wash

Read the review on how honey was good as a face wash on curly nikki   and decided to give it a try yesterday.

i stopped using the salicylic acid products a couple of months ago, for i didn't see any improvement in my face. have sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts.  instead started using black soap. it's quite drying and even though i moisturise after washing, didn't quite like the way my face felt.

until i read the review on honey, didn't know it could be used as a face wash. I'd used it for my hair, as a facial mask, but never as a wash.  well i used it yesterday night and this morning. and face felt calmed.

hope to use it for at least a month and hope there'll be an improvement on my face.

will share the results!

ooh, i had to stop using Shea butter, it was a bit too heavy for me. Stopped using petroleum jelly also, it darkened me.

fingers crossed, honey will be just right.

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