Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Deep conditioning with Shea butter... any one?

its been quite busy over at my end and haven't been able to post as much as i would have loved to. anyhow, will try to post more often than I'm currently doing.  promise.

this past weekend, went to the salon, because i needed a trim. don't have enough confidence to do a trim on my hair or anyone's for that matter. might end up with bald spots all over. :-) :-)

before the trim, i co-washed. the lady was wondering what was up with me. (ehm, not a natural hair salon. Where i stay, natural hair is a novelty. all the salons relax, braid with extensions or sew in weaves. that is the norm. so i usually get serious stares and the question always is, when will you be fixing your hair? quite happily always reply saying, this is my hair.)

Back to what i was saying, before a wonder off rambling. did a co-wash using Pantene slick and shine conditioner. then a mix of Shea butter, egg white, and honey was applied to the hair. a plastic cap and was put under the hooded dryer for 30mins.
the steamer in the salon was broken.  (note to self, consider getting a steamer for home use.)
had the trim and my hair looks a lot better than it did before. no more scraggly limp bits ruining the coils.

oh oh, almost forgot to mention, leave in conditioner and moisturizer were put on the hair, and Castor oil was applied to the scalp. then hair was put in two strand twists. the lady tried using a fine tooth comb to comb my hair, thinking it was relaxed hair she was working with. told her, no, thank you, and got her to use a wide tooth one.
should remember to go with a comb from home next time.

oh well, was glad with the results of deep conditioning with the Shea butter-egg-honey mix.
hair's looking a lot fuller than before.

my TWA is growing!! yay!!!

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