Thursday, 27 March 2014

hair regimen - mud wash

Hallos everyone. It's been a while. I haven't updated this blog like I should have. Pure laziness if you ask me.  Wish a day could have 40 hours. Sigh! Would be great.

I have developed some form of regimen which I have kept to for some time. I would say it hasn't been such a bad idea to have a routine. I think my hair even knows the regimen. Lol.
Every two weeks, I wash and deep condition. I don't wear my hair loose. It's always in some form of protective style. Braids, twists or cornrows usually.  Routine has been, 1. take off twist/braids/cornrows.
2. Pre poo with oil, any oil.
3. Was hair and scalp with either a us si moist shampoo or Aubrey organics moisturising shampoo.
4. Deep condition. The items are use are a function of what I can lay my hands on the re and there. Some ayurveda powders, mayonnaise, eggs, honey, oil, banana and some ready made deep conditioner .  I steam by wearing a plastic cap and covering over it with a scarf.
5. Rinse off after 1 -6 hours. Depends on j ow much time I have.
6. A tea rinse
7. Moisturise and seal.
8. Voila! Get my hair plaited.

I love experimenting.  For a while I want to replace the shampoo with a mud shampoo. Yep!,  you heard me right. Will use mud to wash my hair. I have bentonite clay and will use it as a base for a d.i.y shampoo.  I'll report back on how it goes.

Yesterday,  I made a mud face wash. It didn't sud or any thing. I however liked the way my face felt afterwards. Clean and not dry. Will use the mud wash to wash my face for some time and see how it goes. On the face, will do a 1 month challenge.

Till next time,

loads of hugs