Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Micro twists anyone?

Hello all,
 How're you doing, thanks for stopping by. This post is an update on what's been happening to my hair since my last post.

I took the yarn locs off. And boy! I nearly fainted. I shed a lot of hair. In my opinion it was like half of the hair on my head. My stylist begged to differ in her opinion. She said the shed hair was normal. Well i didn't buy that.
I moisturized and sealed regularly while in yarn. Maybe i over moisturized?  (Shrug), dunno. Its just hair anyway,  so i moved on.

I now deep condition before washing. That works for and reduces the total time i spend on wash day. I found that adding egg and mayonaise to the regime has been a game changer. I no longet suffer from dry brittle hair hours after moisturising. I now go 2 to 3 days before i need to re-moisturize.
 I'm still testing my new regimen. As soon as i am confident its working and the results are fairly consistent, i'll make a post about it.
 As soon as i took of the yarn locs, i had 2 strand twists put in
 Alas!, i am yet to perfect twists, got someone to do them.
 A week and half on, i still have them on. They are all frizzy and the front loks like no twists are in. I still love the hair.
 There's the freedom that comes with carrying your own hair as it is. No wigs or weave. The hair gets to have fresh air and sunlight for a change.

 I hope to carry my hair sans wigs, weaves et al for a couple of months. This will  allow me opportunity to nourish it and give it a chance to reach out and grow.
 Hey! Hear me talking like my hair is a person. Oh well, you get the point.

 Till next time,
Loads of love
freshly done, check out the definition

still got somedefinition


frizz or not, still like it

Monday, 10 June 2013

2 strand twists

april 2013

June 2013 with yarn locs
Hair as at april. Hair's been tucked away in protective styles since then