Saturday, 10 November 2012

Wash and go - attempt

hiya, hope you all having a great weekend.
i took out my weave this morning. thot i'd play with my hair a bit, so decided to attempt a wash and go.

i did a prepoo using coconut and amla oil. stayed under a cap dryer for 10 mins only and just left the plastic cap over my head while i did my chores. methinks i washed the hair after about 2 hours. not sure now. but definitely for a bit. washed using aussi moist conditioner. and that was it.

for leave-in conditioner, i used Creme of nature argan oil leave -in. ehm... a new purchase.
Vitale olive oil moisturiser on that.

oh oh oh, when i took the weave off, my hair was super moisturised, and zero breakage. the hair was silky soft.  i really didn't want to wash the hair to be sincere. guess my fingers were twitching to use the new products i bought.

after putting the leave-in and moisturiser, my hair felt a bit iffy actually. wasn't sure i knew what was the cause. got the spritz bottle hand, (aloe juice, glycerin, eucalyptus oil, Castor oil). and kinky curly coiling custard. sectioned the hair into 4 parts using butterfly clips. then started from the back.

Working in little sections, i wetted and then raked the custard through . the first thing i noticed was tangling. oh my God, i had loads of single strand knots. it was unbelievable. then felt the curls were not really popping out.  for the remaining 3 sections, after wetting, i applied oil (Castor and sunflower oil mix) before adding the kinky curly custard,
oh my!!!, my curls popped out kaboom! before my eyes. didn't believe i had this kinda of curl definition.
i continued through the whole hair. alas, by the time i got to the front, my hands were tired and stared taking bigger chunks of hair. but all in all i loved the definition i saw.

i May have used too much product, cos my hair was white when i was done. i had to rinse with cold water and shake my head from side to side to get some product off and curls popping every where.

am i excited about the definition?, you bet!!.

the hair didn't dry as quickly as i had though though. as at now , yet to dry. i feel tempted to use a dryer on it.I'll try not to though.

Oh well, right now, loving my hair.



side view
back view

top view

Thursday, 8 November 2012

U-part wig

hi all,
doing okay? great1
guess what, i plan on taking out my weave this coming weekend. kinda missed my hair. i know protective styling is the way to go for length retention, so, no stressing about my hair.
when i put in the weave, i did say, I'll carry it for 3 to 4 weeks or something like that. so I'm quite justified to remove the tracks this Saturday.
despite the weave, i still followed my usual care regimen. i washed weekly. conditioned, moisturised and sealed.
a new thing i did with the weave this time around is caring for it properly.
i actually sued leave in conditioner and sealed with oil. after 3 weeks, weave is still looking fresh.  i promise I'll post pictures as soon as i can. promise.

i was at the store this afternoon and bought 3 packs of length 16" curly weave, a pair of C shaped weave needles, and a couple of wig caps. unfortunately, i did not get a mannequin head though. should be able to improvise some how.

the plan is to have the wig done myself

fingers crossed it will turn out well.
maybe a should get a regular wig nearby in case....

oh well will keep you posted on how it goes..