Thursday, 8 November 2012

U-part wig

hi all,
doing okay? great1
guess what, i plan on taking out my weave this coming weekend. kinda missed my hair. i know protective styling is the way to go for length retention, so, no stressing about my hair.
when i put in the weave, i did say, I'll carry it for 3 to 4 weeks or something like that. so I'm quite justified to remove the tracks this Saturday.
despite the weave, i still followed my usual care regimen. i washed weekly. conditioned, moisturised and sealed.
a new thing i did with the weave this time around is caring for it properly.
i actually sued leave in conditioner and sealed with oil. after 3 weeks, weave is still looking fresh.  i promise I'll post pictures as soon as i can. promise.

i was at the store this afternoon and bought 3 packs of length 16" curly weave, a pair of C shaped weave needles, and a couple of wig caps. unfortunately, i did not get a mannequin head though. should be able to improvise some how.

the plan is to have the wig done myself

fingers crossed it will turn out well.
maybe a should get a regular wig nearby in case....

oh well will keep you posted on how it goes..



  1. Hi,
    I'd love to see the pics, please post asap. I am too lazy to make a wig all by So I was just going through several online stores and found few interesting wigs at

    Can you also please suggest what factors should I keep in mind before getting a wig?


  2. Always try to buy wigs from branded wig store.