Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Corn rows for the week

Hi ya all,
How are you doing?
The past weekend was wash day. The new thing i did was a herbal tea rinse. Woohoo! I'm stepping up my game. ;-).
Had bought nettle, horsetail and neem leaves during the week. Already had rosemary and hibiscus at home. Mixed them all up and steeped in freshly boiled water for an hour. I allowed it to cool before using. Dudn't to burn my scalp cos of some herbal tea.
After shampoing, using a spray bottle i saturated my hair with the rinse. And braided up to dry. By evening it was dry and that was when i used leave in conditioner and sealed with oils. Styled with shea butter.
I had this vision of a beautiful twist out to take to service on sunday. Alas that didn't happen. Ended up with a fro.
By afternoon, i got corn rows.
Hoping i'll carry the style for a week and a half and have a braid out for the remaing half of the week.
Wish me luck.