Wednesday, 1 February 2012

olive oil pre-poo hair treatment

Used olive oil as a pre-poo treatment on my hair  this past weekend and i was quite impressed by the results.
It was on my hair overnight, covered it with a plastic cap, and a silk scarf. In the morning i washed with black soap and conditioned with Organics Olive oil conditioner.
results were impressive. My hair was silky.
will definitely try it again.

i'm still at the the stage of trying out products. well, more like conditioners. i stopped using store bought shampoos in December. have used dudu osun black soap since then. it cleans my hair very well. don't plan on using another product othe than black soap as shampoo.
i'll test another conditioner this weekend and see the effect it would have on my hair.
will definitely keep you posted.

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