Wednesday, 25 January 2012

my first post

okay, this is my first post. excited, but i promise i won't ramble, will keep it short.
thought i would record my natural hair journey. until yesterday, i'd been calling myself a natural haired chick. ehm.... only yesterday  i learnt texturized hair doesn't count as natural hair.
in 2009, my hair was seriously damaged and had a bc.  cut off all the relaxed hair. unfortunately, started texturizing instead. hair was still thin but not as thin as when i used relaxers.
fast forward.............
Sept 17, 2011, had my last texturizer. was my hair limp!!!!!
had to wait a few weeks, and had a good trim. i'll upload pictures  later.
colored in October.
now have about an inch of new growth. oh my!!, i just love the feel of  the new growth, which by the way is the real natural hair. not the upper texturized part.
will decide later whether to go for a long transition or just have another big cut.

for now, i'm rocking and enjoying my afro.

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