Sunday, 15 April 2012

TRESemme and Aussie hair products - Wash day

yesterday was wash day.
had run out of the garnier conditioner i was using and thought, oh well an opportunity to try new products.
oh by the way i use the no-shampoo method. been on it for about 2 months now. use only conditioner to wash my hair. i introduced pre-pooing with coconut oil last week.

i pre-pooed with coconut oil. working in sections, and loosely plaiting as i did each section. i had 5 sections in total.
there wasn't time to leave in the pre-poo treatment for long, so i wrapped my hair in clingfilm and stayed under the cap dryer for 30mins.
noticed my hair wasn't as soft and silky as it was last week when the coconut oil stayed for much longer.  note to self....pre-poo should stay much longer in future.

used the Aussie miracle moist conditioner to wash my hair, using warm water.

then used  TRESemme conditioner (with no silicones) to deep condition. back under the cap dryer for 30mins and rinsed out ith cooler water than i used to wash.


oiled scalp with a mix of jojoba, castor and argan oils. used raw shea butter to seal in moisture on the hair and flat twisted into 12 parts. sectioned hair into 4 major parts, then flat twisted each part into 3 lines,
went to bed. ehm, sorry, did not use a satin bonnet, or satin pillow case.

in the morning, oiled the lines between the flat twists with castor oil. lightly oiled the hair after undoing the twists with jojoba oil. fluffed out,  and i was done.

here's the result. bear in mind this after a whole day of wearing my hair and napping....

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