Friday, 15 June 2012

Ecostyler - Morrocan Argan oil

hi and thanks for stopping by.
hope you are all doing great. family, work, school? all great i hope.

been a while since my last post, and do i have stuff to write about!
despite my promising myself not to buy any more products till I'm done using what i have........
you are not going to believe this, i succumbed to temptation. awwwww!!!

last weekend , i casually strolled into a shop and saw, drum roll please, Ecostyler gel. okay, to put this in perspective, i live in Lagos, and the norm here is to have chemically relaxed hair. so the beauty shops store products for permed hair. wearing natural hair is still strange to many people. i walked into CasaBella store in the Ikeja City Mall, and found amongst other things, quite a number of stylers for natural hair.
Alas, they don't sell oils and the raw, organic butters. oh well, will still patronise on line natural hair supply businesses.

back to what i was saying, saw the Ecostyler gel, the really huge tub. they had run out of the smaller ones. i had read so much about how naturals use it to define their curls and bring out their curl patterns, so it caught my attention. though a bit sceptical, because i still have a tub each of Organics root stimulator  locs and twists gel  and  ic Fantasia thick and shine gel. both did nothing for my hair I'm afraid. did not see any sort of curl definition.
well, i bought the Ecostyler and tried it as soon as i got home. i wasn't patient to wash my hair before using it.
the following day, Sunday, i took out out the two strand twists i had done before. there was definition. especially on the relaxed tips, (remember i am still transitioning, yet to cut off all the relaxed ends).
i got better wist out results than i had gotten all along. got compliments on my hair. (probably a first)

i'll continue to use the Ecostyler gel and look for who will take the ic Fantasia  and organics stimulator gels off me.

in my next post i'll talk about a new discovery, Aloe vera gel.
Till then,
keep smiling, it's the best acessory to wear with any outfit.


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