Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Bentonite Clay

I did another chop on Monday, so my hair is looking very twa at the moment.
Can’t wait for it to grow out again. Ain’t gonna believe this, I now envy people with long hair. Can’t wait for mine to be long. Patience, patience I guess.
I have started a number of new things since my last post.
To begin with, I now keep a journal of what I put in my hair and how it reacts every day. Yup!, everyday.
Even have one for my face. I had to start this journal because there was a morning, my hair looked sooo gorgeous, fluffy, well stretched out and I had a nice bob style. And….. it stayed that way the whole day!!!. despite the high humidity from the rains that fell that day. buuuuut, I didn’t pay attention to the products and quantities I applied to get the effect, so I wasn’t able to reproduce it. Felt so sad. So decided, would document all products, steps, quantities, (maybe) I apply to my hair and face. 

Another new thing was, I got Jamaican black castor oil and bentonite clay from . I had read so much about how wonderful jbco was. How it made hair long and full. Well, thought I would give it a try.  The first shocker I got was how small the bottle was.  Dunno what I was expecting,  since I was told the quantity was 8 oz.  I should have known it was the size of a large baby feeding bottle. All the pictures I had seen of JBCO online had looked huge. Well got over the shock of seeing a teeny weeny bottle. Note to self, mentally  relate sizes to real life. Whatever that means, but guess you get the picture of what I’m saying.
Bentonite clay also had good reviews. My hair had been looking a bit lackluster of late. And felt a good cleansing mask will do the trick.  You can imagine the excite with which I received the package in the mail.  As soon as I got home, I applied the bentonite mixture to my hair and face.
Looked a site, but didn’t mind. Then I washed off the mask about an hour later, and then conditioned using tressemme natural.  Couldn’t really say if it worked or not yet. My hair was quite short and so didn’t get the long falling hair I’d seen in reviews.
I used JBCO to oil my scalp, and applied olive and plain castor oil to my damp hair, sealing with shea butter. Braided and went to bed. The following morning…..oh my gosh!!!! My hair was super soft and moisturized. I believe it even looked clean and bright. No dull looks. I just picked it out to a teeny weeny afro and added a hair band. And voila, was ready to go out.
In the evening, it was still moisturized, didn’t have to add any products to the hair. Only oiled my scalp with jbco and braided. The following morning, it was still super moisturized and soft. Basically, since washday I haven’t moisturized my hair. Unlike when I used to have to moisturize at least once everyday. Even at that my hair would be thirsty, and dry.
Dunno, maybe my hair has started to cooperate, or I now understand  better how to moisturize.
One thing for sure, beginning to love my hair journey.
Ciao  peeps!


  1. Nice post about Jamaican Black Castor oil. I use regular castor oil, but I've always heard that Jamaican black castor oil is better. I use mine to thicken my hair instead of growing it.

  2. I got mine from Hair City for N3,500 (8oz bottle size) can purchase by sending a mail to:

    JBCO is the bomb...been using it consistently for 6months now and my hair length is APL now (Arm pit length). got all the thickness and texture I was looking for.