Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New hair care regimen

sorry i've been silent for a while. been hectic and totally disracted with other aspects of life. :-) there's more to chikeebee than hair......

In my last post i told you how i had my hair in twists. well,  i had them on for 6 weeks. and they still looked nice when i took them down.  big thanks to all the natural hair blogs, and Coilybella blog for their tips on maintaining hair while in mini braids with extensions.
My hair was well moisturized and had little breakage when i undid the twists. that, my dear reader would be the first time i would put extensions in my hair with little or no damage done to my hair.

next thing i'll try would be to braid without extensions.

for now, i'm wearing wigs. i did chunky braids, about  10 and put on a wig. been wearing wigs for the third week now.

i did say i was going to write about my new simple regimen.  silly me, getting carried away....

taking a break from all the oils i have. if you ever met a product junkie, it would me moi!! got products i don't even remember where i bought them from. that bad.

the in-between washes care i do now is to just spritz with water + oil+ aloe gel mix and and use whipped shea butter (from Kinky Apothecary) as sealant and styler. nothing more nothing less.
going to do this a month and report back to you on my observations.

thanks for reading


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