Monday, 16 July 2012

Protective styling - mini twists

Decided to try a new approach to growing my hair. For a couple of days a washed each time I took a shower. An attempt at wash n go. My hair shrunk like crazy.
Hair was so shrunken that I shuddered when I caught a glimpse of my reflection while out and about from a car glass. Oops!!! Wasn’t what I had in mind. Looks like my hair does not like wash n gos.
So put my hair into mini-twists with extensions. The brand the hairdresser used is ‘Expressions’ .
She did a good job because everyone suddenly gushes over the new look and say it suits me. and then they add, I shouldn’t  wear my natural hair out again.
Feel like a deflated balloon.
Well, refuse to take a defeat in my attempt at naturalness. So re-strategizing. Will do protective styling to grow my hair out. Hopefully my hair will be better accepted when it’s long.
Will continue to treat the twists like it’s my hair. Moisturize and seal daily.
Castor oil for the scalp and edges.
Hope to keep the extensions in for 5 to 6 weeks and then decide on the next style to do.
Sorry about the lack of pictures. As soon as I am able to I’ll do a post containing pictures only.

Later peeps!

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