Thursday, 18 October 2012

Update on my simplified regimen

guess who's back, back again, guess who's back......... Eminem....

c'est moi.
in my last post, i mentioned i would be wearing wigs for a bit. un hun, indeed i have all this while. i actually bought a couple new ones to to spice things up as it were.

me believe my hair loves a simplified regimen. no fuss, no tears. after 5 weeks or so of wearing wigs, i am now ready to wear a sew-in weave. i have fixed an appointment to have my hair fixed this weekend. hope to carry it for 3 to 4 weeks max. it will serve as a protective style.

Over here in Lagos, the dry season will set in any moment now, and then the hair care regimen wil have to be reviewed. 

while wearing the sew-in weave, i hope to continue washing my hair once a week. weave and all. i'll use castor oil to oil the scalp during this time. i still have the Jaimacan Black castor oil, will use it.
i'll like to finish the bottle i bought before i'll comment on whether it's thickening or growing my hair or not. so far, i'll say not exactly impressed.

Face/skin regimen
i have continued to use African black soap to wash my face and body  in the mornings. for a while i used raw shea butter as my facial cream in the mornings. i got bored with it last week and satred using my body moisturizer for my face.  did i hear someone shout 'lazy babe'? LOL my body moisturizer isn't greasy like shea butter.
for evening wash, i am currently using tea tree facial wash (from Superdrugs) and moisturizing with Johnson Tissue oil. been doing this for less than 4 weeks, so a bit too early to comment on the results. the pack did say 6 weeks to see visible results.
Patience, patience the best quality  i say.

2 items i jsut added to my face regimen in the last two days is honey and olive oil.
olive oil as a make up remover at night before using the facial wash. started only yesterday actually. massaged on face and around eyes (gently) to remove eye makeup. then wash off after 3 - 5 mins.
the honey i use in the morning, after washing with black soap. i put a little on my palm, and rub my hands together, apply to my face. then rinse off after 2 to 3 mins. well, as soon as i'm done washing my body.

Olive oil and honey have been said to benefit the skin and body generally for centuries. since i have quite a bit in the house, thought i might as well incorporate them. by the time i use up what i have, i'll assess the results and know whether to continue with them as staples in my skin care..

anyone used any of the items i have written about in this post? will you like to share your experience? pls feel free to comment.

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