Monday, 9 June 2014

Tweak in hair regimen

Hallos, how are you all doing. Hope reaching your wise.
I decided to get a little more creative with the regimen i've been using. Guess i'm one of those who get bored doing the same thing over and over.

I totally have stopped using shampoos. Whoever is interested and would like to have the ones i bought last is welcome. Say so in the comments

Usually i wash every two weeks and get someone plait my hair. Usually twists or braids. I'll stop that now. I want to grow my skills in the twist department. Practise makes perfect. The new tweak in the regimen is to wash every week.

Basically, i'll be the only one handling my hair. Hoping to try this for 2 months and see if there'll be a positive change.

After seeing Neffyfrofro's amazeball growth on youtube, i decided, hey, i should take control of handling my own hair.

1.  Prepoo with coconut oil
2.  Deepcondition before washing. As opposed to the other way round.
3.  Wash with a diy black soap + clay + camwood mix
4.  Coat hair in olive oil and lwave for about 5in
5.  Use rinse out conditioner to wash out oil.
6. Close cuticles with aloe vera juice
7.  Seal with shea butter mix.

I used the steps this past weekend. My hair was soft and shiny.
I allowed the hair to completely air dry. Then twist it in the dry state.
Going forward, i'll be twisting/braiding my hair when its completely dry.

Pls note, comb was used only once while hair was still wet and shea butter was on it. It made the combing a breeze.
After the hair got dry, i didn't comb. Used only my fingers and i got a good stretch.

I'm currently wearing a wig. Using it as protective styling.
Between washes, as needed, i'll use LOC method to moisturize. Hair milk + oil mix + curl pudding.

I'll give an update on this tweak after 3 to 4 weeks

Till next time....

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