Friday, 17 May 2013

bye-bye store beauty products

whoohoo!!!! i have finally broken my dependency on store bought beauty products.
ever since i remember, i have experimented with store bought body lotions, creams and what not.
if it's not jergens, it would nature essence or E45.
for fear the store would run out of stock, or that i won't be able to find the product in Lagos, i would usually buy loads of products when i ahve the opportunity.
loads of facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, you get the picture.

my face never seemed to stop breaking out though. that would make me go for another round of products. i never use to buy just one item, they had to be at least i said, in case i don't get to find the item in Lagos.....

guess what folks!!!! i've gotten rid of my product junkeism. hip hip hurray!!! i can now enter a store and not instinctively go to the beauty and cosmetic section. progress!

going natural in my hair is affecting other aspects of my beauty regimen as well. for good i must say.

i have become somewhat of a pro in whipping up body and hair butter. when i first went natural, i bought a jar of whipped shea butter. i was excited at the time and didn't mind that it was expensive and used it sparingly. in fact i sued it only for my scalp. that little jar must have lasted 3 months. lol.  now i use that same quantity in 2 weeks.

i never tire of experimenting with the different ingredients for making whipped butters.
my skin and hair are thanking me for it. and so no more store bought beauty products for me. (doing Azonto dance)

about 5 months of using homemade body butters, and i can happily say, it suits me very well. i have less breakouts and old acne scars have started to fade away.

what have i been using?

african black soap as face and body  wash
whipped shea butter as face and body moisturizer

i'll try put up pictures this weekend of before and after photos.

till then,


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