Monday, 11 February 2013

Experimenting hair care regimens

Hello!!!! So sorry I have been absent for a while. Been quite busy over here for me.  I really wish I was old and retired and had all the time in the world. Then I would update this blog, at least 3 times a day….well, there wouldn’t much else going on outside that would interest an old lady I would imagine.
Oi!!!! Back to reality and present tense. :-0  if you let me, I get carried away and before you know instead of talking about hair regimens and stuff I’ll carry out a one person debate on the pros and cons of people migrating to Mars….ehm, the planet and not where the chocolate is made…..

A’ight, a’ight, back to this blog. Apologies accepted for the long absence….. Smiling coyly and batting my lashes…..
Okay, down to the business of the day.

Molado curl weave
Not much has been happening in my hair-niversse. Been in protective styles for the most part. For about 8 weeks straight,  I had a sew in using Molado brazillian weave. (I’ll get round to posting the pictures soonest.) it was middle of January, I took the weave out.
And oh my gosh!!!, my hair was so so full and thick. I didn’t believe it.  Looked very healthy.
All the while I had the weave, I co-washed every week and conditioned. The two conditioners I used for this purpose were Tressemme  naturals and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration.
The beautiful thing was I retained length.  Well, not that I measured or anything, just by looking at the hair.
Aside from the weekly washing, I moisturized my scalp using a mixture of Organics Olive oil moisturizer, extra virgin olive oil and shea butter. That was all I did.  ( as soon as I took off the weave I stopped this scalp treatment, methinks I’ll return to it). The weave helped my hair 

DIY wig
Thanks to YouTube, I learnt how to make wigs, and that was what I did next. Since middle of January, I have worn wigs. I made a curly wig using Chocolate Bohemian curls weave. 2 packs were all I needed. I was quite happy with the results. And total installation time was an hour or so. I wore it for 3weeks. It got frizzy, the reason why I stopped wearing it 2 days ago. Someone   told   me only yesterday that I should use scissors to trim off the frizz. I’ll do that.
I however made another wig this past Saturday, using the Brazillian Molado weave I mentioned earlier.  I had washed, deep conditioned the wefts and allowed to air dry.  The weave was just like new after washing. Curls were intact. Nothing beats quality any time any day. Seriously.
I made the wig and today is the first time I’m wearing it.
It’s a bit too full. In fact way too full. I look like a lion with a huge mane if you know what I mean.  I’ll find a solution to the fullness. I used 3 packs of hair. The mistake I made was I made the tracks to close together. Well, I’m learning from my mistakes. With the next wig I’ll make, I’ll be less generous with the number of tracks I install.

Wig Regimen
Now I am a believer of the saying, “keep it simple” I had such an uncomplicated regimen when I had the weave on. I should have just stuck to that. Oh no!, yours sincerely loves to experiment.  Don’t get me wrong, experiments are good. Very good in fact, cos without them you wouldn’t know what was good or bad in a regimen.
I put my hair in cornrows. Still wearing them. Got someone to do a proper job, so I can carry it as it is when I’m in the house.  The first thing I did was to make a spritz in which I threw so many things. Rose water and glycerin, aloe vera gel (fruit of the earth), a number of oils, including olive oil, vitamin E oil, castor oil.  I used the spritz as my liquid in the LOC method. Followed with oil and then used whipped shea butter as the cream. After a couple of times using this, I got bored and decided to use aloe vera gel direct on the corn rows. I would use the avg as a leave in conditioner.  Most times I went to bed with a shower cap on. Mainly because I didn’t want to deal with messy pillowcases. The first time I had the shower cap on throughout the night, my hair felt super moisturized and silky to the touch.
Felt I was on to something. So I consistently used the AVG and  shower cap overnight.  Of cos, I would always seal with the sheabutter .
To cut a long story short, when this last weekend I took out the corn rows to have a wash, I nearly cried, my hair broke like crazy. I hadn’t had this type of breakage since I cut off the relaxed ends. Oh my gosh!!!, what did I do wrong??

I don’t know, but the first thing I decided was no more AVG in my hair as a leave-in conditioner.  I’ll rather use AVJ, aloe vera juice that is. I’ll  keep the gel for body and face. More like face though. I’ve been using it as my facial toner. No issues with that.

I washed and deep conditioned my hair as usual and put it back in corn rows over the weekend.

I’ll revert to the Organics olive oil moisturizer +EVOO +shea butter mix to moisturize the hair. And hope in two weeks time when I take down the corn rows, I’ll do a happy dance.

Thanks for reading!


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